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1Northwest Security Services Inc, Security Guard and Mobile Patrol Security Company That Ensures Your Protection and Safety First.

1Northwest Security Services is a ministry of correctional services approved security guard agency dedicated to providing effective deterrence and complete security services in Thunder Bay, Dryden, Fort Frances, Sioux Lookout, Marathon, Atikokan, Hearst, Wawa, Terrace Bay, Nipigon, Cochrane, Kapuskasing, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Geraldton, Kenora, Greenstone, Red Lake, Ignace, White River, Greater Sudbury, Toronto and surrounding areas. As the apex security guard providers in Thunder Bay and across Northwest Ontario, our highly trained uniformed security guards, on-site security, mobile patrol, special event security officer, construction site security, first aid training and cpr certification, fire watch security, manned guarding services, retail loss prevention and security services experts uphold our company’s mission: “Protection and Safety First”. We provide quality safety net security services that ensure our clients are protected while enhancing their business and contractors as well. We continually strive to offer elite security staffing solutions that exceed our clients' needs and expectations. We understand that the risk and business objectives are unique to every client, requiring customized approaches, strategies, policies, and procedures. Our risk management team and field personnel, work with you to develop the best guard staffing for either mobile security patrolling, loss prevention, or plain clothes/uniformed security guarding. This cost-effectively addresses your challenges while supporting your business. Hire a licensed security agency with organized, efficient, certified, and insured security personnels, 1Northwest Thunder Bay Security Services Contact your local Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario branch at +1 807 GO Northwest (623-7417) for reliable security guard services to protect your people and assets request a quote today and our experts will tailor a personalized plan to meet your organization's needs! We provide an extensive Mine Security Safety Planning & Practice Program to ensure your mine is compliant with all Industry Regulations. Our experienced Planning Team develops Security and Safety Recommendations that comply with the Mines Act, EH & S, Workers Compensation and the Health, Safety and Reclamation Code. By providing a JOINT Security Officer/Industrial First Aid Officer Program, Northwest Mine Security can reduce your costs. 1Northwest Security Services also offer security guard license training and Red Cross first aid cpr training course. Complete our online course and apply for your security guard license. You will only need to do the security training once in your lifetime. This MCSCS approved security guard training program provides the skills and abilities necessary to work as a security guard.


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Our experienced and professional staff members are well trained and ready to deal with business or personal operations of any nature. We continuously supervise our staff and mobile patrol security teams by physically visiting the sites and administering regular checkups. We are always working hard to provide quality security service in the Thunder Bay area that will suit our customer's needs. The key to our success is our implementation of best professional practices to ensure the quality of work we are providing to our clients stays at an optimal level. All of our guards will encompass the ideals of our company and will be educated accordingly to enable them to make the best decisions in a variety of situations. 1 Northwest is committed to improving the security of relief operations and staff. It aims to increase safe access by agencies to people affected by emergencies. 1Northwest Security was created to establish a more prominent role for security risk and range of guarding services. Northwest Security Ontario,Canada provides customized security solutions to meet your unique security needs. We specialize in: Security Guard Services ,Mobile Patrol ,Remote Video Monitoring ,Integrated Guarding Solutions ,Commercial Building Security ,Reception and Concierge Services ,Security Service for Financial Institutes ,24/7 Security Operations and Condominium Security Services. 1Northwest Thunder Bay Security Services. Contact your local Thunder Bay 1Northwest branch at +1 807 GO 1NWSS (623-7417) for reliable security services to protect your people and assets.

At 1Northwest Security Services Inc, Security Systems And Guarding Security Services A Leading Provider Of Security Services In Canada. Our Team Of Industry Trained Security Guards And Certified Technicians Is Committed To Providing The Best Customer Service And Security Solutions Possible To Our Valued Clientele., Our Team Of Licensed Security Personnel Includes Specialists In All Areas Of Security Management, Including:

  •  Front desk & lobby reception security services
  •  Mine security services
  •  Security guard training
  •  Parking security
  •  VIP private security officer
  •  Film production security
  •  Entertainment Security
  •  Television – TV Production Security
  •  Jewelry escort
  •  Community Security
  •  Commercial fire watch security
  •  Cannabis guards
  •  Retail store security services
  •  Cargo protection services
  •  Event Security
  •  Construction site security guards
  •  Residential fire watch security service
  •  Static security guarding
  •  Drilling site security
  •  Cargo security
  •  First Nation security services
  •  Floorwalker security
  •  Commercial building security service
  •  Retail protection services
  •  Corporate security
  •  Ontario Security guard training
  •  Security training center
  •  Mine Site Security
  •  Loss prevention services
  •  Pipelines Security
  •  Cannabis security services
  •  Healthcare security
  •  Patient watch security
  •  Hospital security
  •  Property management security services for apartments and condominiums
  •  Gate security
  •  Condo security management
  •  Labour dispute management
  •  Security for Mining Sites
  •  Retail store security
  •  Corporate office building security services
  •  Lock-up and alarm
  •  Truck yard security
  •  Crime deterrence
  •  Energy projects security
  •  #1 Licensed security agencies in thunder Bay
  •  Standing guards and mobile patrols
  •  Thunder Bay port security & Marine security services
  •  Enforcement of rules and regulations
  •  Lock & unlock doors (After hours)
  •  Standing guards and mobile patrols
  •  Static security company
  •  Disaster Relief Security Management
  •  Commercial security
  •  Passenger screening service
  •  Shipyard Security Guard
  •  Retail security services
  •  Mobile patrol security
  •  Concierge/customer service
  •  Retail loss prevention services
  •  Mining Sites Security
  •  Vessel Security
  •  Security staffing agency
  •  Construction Security near me
  •  ATM security patrol
  •  Store security guards
  •  Property management security
  •  Controlled access
  •  Cargo screening security services
  •  Healthcare security
  •  Vessels security officer
  •  Foot patrol security
  •  Retail guarding service
  •  Security consulting
  •  Guest registration
  •  Unarmed security
  •  Residential security
  •  Daily activity logs
  •  Alarm response security
  •  Parking enforcement
  •  Property management
  •  In-store security guard
  •  Mobile security
  •  Medical marijuana security
  •  Escort security
  •  Asset Protection
  •  Security training & license
  •  ATM protective services
  •  Shopping mall security
  •  Parking security
  •  Marijuana dispensary security & monitoring
  •  Disaster Response Relief Security
  •  Police force support
  •  Uniform security guard services
  •  On-site guarding
  •  Security guard training
  •  Airport security
  •  Security guard services near me
  •  Fire post loss and site continuity
  •  Retail store security
  •  Travel security
  •  Executive protection
  •  24/7 Security guard services
  •  Commercial security
  •  Commercial patrol security
  •  Security officer staffing services
  •  Hotel security services
  •  Patrol yards security
  •  Lobby concierge security
  •  Emergency security services
  •  Deterrence security guards
  •  Mobile security patrol company
  •  Receptionist security services
  •  Security patrol
  •  Mobile patrol security
  •  Disaster Recovery
  •  On-site Security
  •  Labour dispute management
  •  Disaster response
  •  Labour strike security
  •  Strike response personnel
  •  Property security
  •  Strike security provider
  •  Transportation security
  •  Home watch security services
  •  Logistics security
  •  Doorman
  •  Emergency security management
  •  Resident verification
  •  Security guards staffing services
  •  Security guard recruitment agencies
  •  Patrol & security guard service
  •  Risk management
  •  Fire watch Services
  •  Onsite guards
  •  Deter solicitors & protect property 24/7
  •  Security Risk Management
  •  Parking Services
  •  Access Control Management
  •  Screening Services
  •  Security Management
  •  Fire Watch Security Guard Service
  •  Alarm Response
  •  Janitor Service
  •  Emergency Preparedness
  •  Logical Security
  •  Labour Dispute Management
  •  Concierge Services
  •  Home Watch Services
  •  Bylaw Park Enforcement Security
  •  Condominium & Apartment Security 
  •  Disaster Security Service
  •  Emergency Security Management
  •  Security transport services
  •  Emergency Disaster Security
  •  24-hour surveillance and guard service
  •  City of Thunder Bay bylaw parking enforcement security & parking services for apartments and condominiums and parking violation monitoring.
  •  We are Rank #1 Security Guard Provider and Ontario Security Training Agency in Thunder Bay!
  •  As one of the best Security License agencies in Thunder Bay and the province of Ontario.
  •  In Thunder Bay, Ontario, all security guards must be licensed under the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS). With our online and in-class security guard course, you will receive all the security guard training you need to get your Ontario security license in Thunder Bay as mandated by the Ministry.
  •  We are the #1 Security License Thunder Bay | Security Guard License Company | Security Guard Training in Thunder Bay!
  •  Become a licensed security guard online, through Ontario Ministry Approved course provider.


We are fully committed to creating secure partnerships with our clients in order to provide total security management. Progressive risk management and reduction strategies, combined with appropriate resources, outstanding reliability, efficiency and innovative technology have enabled us to rise and become one of the most respected security company.


We aim to be a leader in the security services in Northwestern Ontario, The Greater Toronto area, and beyond. 1Northwest Security Services Inc’s team strategically goal detect , deter, mitigate , response, recover and report. Physical security personnel  measures aim to protect asset that can meet any type of emergency, contractual, short term, or long term security needs. Our objective is to offer personal and professional development opportunities to our clients, thus making a positive contribution to society.


  • Quality service:our customers always come first. No exceptions
  • Collaboration:collective efforts between our company and the clients
  • Integrity:always display the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Honesty:providing truthful communications and trustworthy actions with our clients
  • Respect:politeness and understanding towards those who we interact with

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